• High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Vol. 5, Issue 1, 010000e5 (2017)
Tao Wang, Kai Du , Zhibing He, and Xiaoshan He
Author Affiliations
  • Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang 621900, China
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    As the basic conditions for laser inertial confinement fusion (ICF) research, the targets are required to be well specified and elaborately fabricated. Because of the characteristics of the targets, the research and fabrication process is a systematically tough task, which needs fundamental and deep insights into film deposition, mechanical machining, precise measurement and assembly, etc. As a result, knowledge of material science, physics, mechanical as well as electronics is a necessity for target researchers. In this paper, we give introductions to the state of art on target fabrication for ICF research at Research Center of Laser Fusion (RCLF) in China.
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    Tao Wang, Kai Du , Zhibing He, Xiaoshan He. Development of target fabrication for laser-driven inertial confinement fusion at research center of laser fusion[J]. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 2017, 5(1): 010000e5
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    Special Issue:
    Received: Oct. 23, 2016
    Accepted: Jan. 17, 2017
    Published Online: Jul. 27, 2018
    The Author Email: Kai Du (icf802@163.com)