• Optoelectronics Letters
  • Vol. 15, Issue 1, 48 (2019)
[in Chinese]*, [in Chinese], and [in Chinese]
Author Affiliations
  • Centre for Broadband Communication, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth 6031, South Africa
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    In this paper, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL)-based si-multaneous 45.2 Gbit/s (2×22.6 Gbit/s) 4-PAM data and 8 GHz (2×4 GHz) phase modulated reference frequency (RF) clock signal transmission dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system for optical interconnects. Two low-cost power-efficient 10 G VCSEL channels with central wavelengths at 1 550.71 nm and 1 551.11 nm are sepa-rately modulated with 22.6 Gbit/s 4-PAM data, therefore doubling the channel bit rate. Carrier spectral efficiency per channel is further maximized by exploiting the phase attribute in transmission of a 4 Hz RF clock signal. To further maximize the network capacity, the two VCSEL channels are densely multiplexed at 0.4 nm spacing. We therefore experimentally achieve the network data rate of 45.2 Gbit/s with 8 GHz phase modulated RF clock signal. The results show that receiver sensitivities of .11.02 dBm and .9.98 dBm are experimentally achieved for VCSEL channels of 1 550.71 nm and 1 551.11 nm respectively without the phase modulated RF clock signal. However, the introduction of a phase modulated clock signal contributes to a maximum interference penalty of 0.57 dBm and 0.41 dBm for the con-sidered channels respectively. Simultaneous distribution of transmission data and reference clock signal over shared network structure maximizes the carrier spectral efficiency and network capacity with low cost.
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    [in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese]. Simultaneous 45.2 Gbit/s 4-PAM data and 8 GHz refer-ence frequency clock signal transmission over DWDMVCSEL channels for optical interconnects[J]. Optoelectronics Letters, 2019, 15(1): 48
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    Received: Jun. 12, 2018
    Accepted: Jul. 26, 2018
    Posted: Jan. 1, 2019
    Published Online: Apr. 11, 2019
    The Author Email: (George.Isoe@nmmu.ac.za)