• Optoelectronics Letters
  • Vol. 8, Issue 6, 453 (2012)
Bo XU, Yue-pin ZHANG*, Bin YANG, and Hai-ping XIA
Author Affiliations
  • Key Laboratory of Photoelectronic Materials, Ningbo University, Ningbo 315211, China
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    Pr3+ and Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glasses are prepared to study their optical properties. Excitation and emission spectra and decay curves are used to characterize their luminescence. We demonstrate that upon excitation of Pr3+ ion with one high energy photon at 470 nm, two near-infrared (NIR) photons are emitted at 950-1100 nm (Yb3+:2F5/2 ->2F7/2) through an efficient cooperative energy transfer (CET) from Pr3+ to Yb3+. The maximum energy transfer efficiency (ETE) and the corresponding quantum efficiency approach up to 90.17% and 190.17%, respectively. The glass materials might find potential application for improving the efficiency of silicon-based solar cells.
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    XU Bo, ZHANG Yue-pin, YANG Bin, XIA Hai-ping. Enhanced cooperative near-infrared quantum cutting in Pr3+-Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass[J]. Optoelectronics Letters, 2012, 8(6): 453
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    Received: Jun. 19, 2012
    Accepted: --
    Posted: Jun. 1, 2012
    Published Online: Jul. 12, 2017
    The Author Email: Yue-pin ZHANG (zhangyuepin@nbu.edu.cn)